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Getting Into Open Source  ⚓

Ok, so here I am. Starting the Open Source journey. It feels great to be part of the global team. It's a great opportunity for everyone to share knowledge and thoughts through code.

So everyone has his own How did I get into open source thing. I was lucky to be accepted into the Google Summer of Code 2017. It is a great opportunity for students.

In the next three months I will be working on Ruby Bench project. It's purpose is to continously track performance of ruby ecosystem - frameworks (Ruby on Rails), apps (Discourse), various gems (ActiveRecord, Sequel), Bundler, and ruby language itself. Take a look at list of what is currently being benchmarked on Ruby Bench.

Ruby Bench is essential in ruby community because it provides feedback on performance. Developers should have continous information how good they are doing something. Performance is one of many aspects we should take care of in developing process.

I was assigned three mentors from Rails team though other folks are getting involved into discussions also. GSoC starts every year with Community bonding period, during which students are getting familiar with codebases and community. This is probably the period when you ought be the most annoying dude in community with all these questions popping out. Except being annoying, I am focusing on tiny contributions at the moment. Even improving readme file is a good start!

I am super excited about following summer and will do my best to keep blogging on weekly basis.

That's it for my first blog post,

Cheers ☕